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Episode 21 Love Liong Time

Nick Clayton

This week we have a great guest. Liong Mah is renowned for his design collaborations with almost every custom maker you can think of and has recently been working with Reate Knives to produce knives that he sells directly. Liong's approach to the market is unlike any other and it was great to hear his perspective. 



Episode 18 Grails

Nick Clayton

For this episode, we discussed grail knives. What is a grail? What does the term mean? There was a lot of good discussion around the topic. I apologize for my voice in this one, came down with a cold... 

I also launched some shirts that can be purchased featuring my logo as well as some stickers. Thanks for the support! Shirts can be found here

Episode 17 Jesse Jarosz

Nick Clayton

Today's episode is yet another interview. You guys seem to enjoy them so ask and we shall deliver. Jesse is a great guy, I got to meet him at Blade Show 2016 and it made me want one of his knives that much more. Richard is a huge fan so he spent the entire episode shilling for Jesse, it's all good though. Auston could not be here for this episode but he'll be back for the next one. 

Jesse can be found here, Auston can be found on YouTube, and Richard can be found somewhere

Episode 16 Gavin Hawk

Nick Clayton

Episode 16 is Gavin Hawk of Hawk Knives. Gavin and his father bring out some of the most innovative designs in the industry. Their approach is more of an inventor or engineer. I hope you enjoy it! 

Their website is can be found here

The newest knife to hit the market is their Deadlock, a truly zero-bladeplay double action OTF. Awesome. I included a couple videos below, they give a great look at their unique setup. 

Episode 15 When Richard Was Wrong

Nick Clayton

This episode we talked about some new things going on in the knife industry and things we learned. We talked about some new Kizer Vanguard series knives, Richard talks about the Kabar Jarosz folder and the Extrema Ratio BF1, what is on our radar, ZT and how Richard got it wrong, Keybar's, patent infringement and KAI USA, stupid finger spinners, the Spyderco Nirvana, and much more! 

Episode 14 No Pants

Nick Clayton

Be prepared... This episode is a more casual podcast. We talked about guns, politics, our favorite YouTube channels, and some knife content. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 13 Olamic

Nick Clayton

There are a few changes that are coming to the show and they debut here. First we've decided to let our frequent guest Richard have a more active presence on the podcast. I'm not sure why but I have a feeling we'll regret doing it... Also, we've brought on our first sponsor. Tune in to the show to hear the details. 

This episode is a conversation with Olamic Cutlery founder Eugene Solomonik. Eugene is a great guy and we had a good time discussing his company and why he does what he does (I'm looking at you patchwork edition Wayfarer)

Episode 11 Pre-Blade 2016

Nick Clayton

Here we go! Blade show is officially upon us and we brought back a familiar voice to guest this episode. Be forewarned that this is a much more loose, casual episode as there is no main topic and not much preparation. Enjoy! (or don't... I wont be offended)



Episode 9 EDC

Nick Clayton

This episode is just a general EDC discussion. We talk a lot about the gear we carry and the mentality behind them. The audio was a little funky so I apologize if there are some volume discrepancies. Enjoy! 

Episode 8 The Collector

Nick Clayton

This week's episode is an interview with one of the only true high end knife collectors that exists on social media. MindlessMark07 is in a class of collector that is rarely seen displaying his wares for all to enjoy. For that we thank him.

Auston can be found on YouTube as EpicSnuggleBunny here  

MindlessMark07 YouTube channel can be found here

Episode 4 KSF Stops By

Nick Clayton

For this episode, Derrick from Knives Ship Free was kind enough to stop by for a chat about knife sales and dealers. We thought it was an appropriate topic since he's, you know, a knife dealer. It was great having Derrick on so listen in and enjoy!

Derrick can be found at Knives Ship Free's website 

Auston is EpicSnuggleBunny on YT 

I can be found here and @

Episode 3 Post-Blade Show

Nick Clayton

Another great (and long) conversation about Blade Show. This episode focused on the happenings of the show. Not just knives but the experience itself. Richard (Xmachiavelli) returned to share his insights and experiences. Enjoy!

Auston is EpicSnuggleBunny on YouTube (Found here)

Richard is Xmachiavelli on Instagram (Found here)

Episode 2 Pre-Blade Show

Nick Clayton

This weeks episode is all about the year thus far prior to Blade Show. We discuss a LOT of content; knives we like, knives we don't like, knives we are indifferent about. Lean back and enjoy the conversation because this was a long one. There was so much content, we had to invite a special guest!

Disclaimer: There is a bit of a delay with the skype call. I promise I'm not constantly cutting them off.....

For all the people attending Blade Show this year, take plenty of pictures! 

Auston is EpicSnuggleBunny on YT (Found here)

Richard is Xmachiavelli on Instagram (Found here)